Desalination Plant

Various designs for a desalination facility at the Fresno Clean Energy Park are still under consideration.  Potentially thirty different substances need to be removed from the contaminated groundwater before it is usable for other purposes.  The start-up production estimate for the desalination facility is approximately 24,000 acre-feet/year.  A full build-out of the desalination facility has an estimated potential production of at least 100,000 acre-feet/year. 

Agricultural waste water will pass through ultra filtration membranes that remove coarse debris from the water. The process of reverse osmosis separates the waste water into two streams – a “pure water” stream and a brine stream. The Fresno Clean Energy Park will return the pure water to farmers for irrigation and mine the brine stream for salts to be used in manufacturing.

A desalination plant commissioned by AREVA in the Erongo Region of Namibia.